Lifetime Guarantee

Included Guarantee

FREE with pet purchase
To activate your pets 1 yr guarantee
*You must Visit your vet within 72 hrs / 3 business days. (Excluding holidays and weekends)
*Guarantee covers your pet against congenital defects that will kill your pet only.
* We do not guarantee your pet after 1 year of age .
* Imperfections, hernias, murmurs, luxation patella (bad knees), cough, giardia, coccidia , over/under bites and more, (see contract) does not qualify as a congenital defect that can kill your pet and therefore are not guaranteed.

Lifetime Guarantee

*One time payment only
*Covers your pet life, for its entire life
*Covers your pets for any and all health issues or accident thought its life.
*40% will be taken off on your next purchase, and will be granted once proof is received, of a necropsy/autopsy performed by a licensed vet that you puppy has in fact passed and the cause of death.
*Abuse will void this contract.
Please note 6% added to your total via PayPal.

We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our puppies. This guarantee will cover the Entire life of your puppy should something happen throughout its entire life.
It is additional and must be purchased at the time of purchased and before your puppy leaves our home. The cost for this guarantee is $900.00 If you choose to purchase this package, the guarantee will be applied immediately and will last the length of you dog’s lifespan. This guarantee will give you a chance to replace your puppy should something happen to your puppy and 40% off will be applied toward your next puppy purchase from us.

Should your puppy passing come suddenly due to a tragic accident, or a health condition, we will require that we get a copy of the necropsy (autopsy) and the cause of death. Upon receipt of the Necropsy and the actual cause of death from the performing veterinary, we will give you a code that can be applied online on any upcoming puppies of your choice, which will give you 40% off rebate on the actual going price. (Not discounted price).

If the cause of death is due to abuse or old age, the life insurance will be void and null. We reserve the right to cancel this guarantee if we find evidence that the guarantee has been tempered and / or falsified.

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